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Des Moines
Iowa trafficlook live webcam

I-35: DM - I-35 @ Grand (49)

West Mixmaster

I-35/80 at Hickman Rd

I-35/80 at Hwy 141

I-235 at 35th St in WDM

I-35/80 at Douglas Ave

IA 5 Bypass at SW Connector

IA 5 Bypass at IA 28

IA 5 Bypass at Fleur Dr

Iowa trafficlook live webcam

IA 5 Bypass at US 65/69

I-235 at 22nd St in WDM

I-235 at 63rd St

I-235 at 42nd St

I-235 at 28th St

I-235 at Keo Way

I-235 at 2nd St

I-235 at E 12th St

I-80 at NE 80th

I-80 at 1st Ave N/72nd St NE

Iowa trafficlook live webcam

US 65 Bypass at NE 46th

Hubbel SW Diag / I-80

I-80 at Hwy 65

US 65 Bypass at E University

US 65 Bypass at Vandalia

US 65 Bypass at Army Post Rd

US 65 Bypass at IA 5

I-35 at 1st St

I-35 at Oralabor Rd

I-35 at Corporate Woods Dr

Iowa trafficlook live webcam

I-235 at Euclid Ave

NE Mixmaster

I-235 at Guthrie Ave

I-235 at E 21st St

I-235 at E 14th St

I-235 at 7th St

I-235 at MLK

I-235 at 35th St

I-235 at Polk Blvd

I-35/80 at 86th St

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